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So much bigger than this...

Each of us live day to day, acting out the one thing that is unique to us - our story.  Our story is ours.  Regardless of circumstances, we live out our story every moment of every day.  Along the way, we are given opportunities to impact the stories of others - for the good or bad. 

This website is about a brave little boy whose story is touching the lives of people around the world.  It is here to remind us that we all have a story to tell and that our story is so much bigger than this...

Benjamin Bowen is a brave,  2 year old boy from Huntington, WV recently diagnosed with a rare brain tumor.  This new chapter in his life has drawn attention from around the world - not because of his cancer, but because of his life.

Ben's story is not just about cancer.  It is about the fun he is at home, his charming personality, and his family.  It is about how he is a "warrior" in the hospital and through his treatment.  It is much bigger than what he is facing right now.  Hidden in the pages of this website are evidences of his growing story - and the impact his story has on thousands of people.  Ben died February 25, 2005.

Periodically, we will publish "snapshots" of Ben and his family's story on this site for you to read.  It serves as a testimony to each of us that we may profoundly impact the lives of others when we live our story to the fullest.  We have opportunities to do so much more - once we realize that our story is truly so much bigger than this.

We hope this site encourages you, makes you laugh and breaks your heart.  There are ways you can be a part of  Ben's story tucked inside these pages.  Take time to jot your thoughts, words of encouragement or prayers in Ben's Guestbook.


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