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Ben with his home pediatrician...
Ben and his maw maw...
Ben with his St. Jude doctor...
Eli on his way to the ballpark with dad.
Ben and daddy celebrating July 4th.
Father's Day with the boys.
Eli and his best buddy back home, Collin.
Can you hear me now?
Baring all!
Recent St. Jude photo shoot.
Mommy and Ben taking it easy.
Ben after his last brain surgery.
Ben on Easter morning... within days of his last surgery.
God's gift to the World.
Princess Tom with Princess Hanna :)
Ben and Eli, July 2003
Eli sees Ben for first time since diagnosis.
Eli missed his little brother.
Bowen family, July 2003
Ben before chemo.
Best Friends.
Bowen family, July 2003
Ben and mommy, July 2003
Ben, July 2003
Daddy and Ben, July 2003
Bowen family, July 2003
Ben and Eli, July 2003
Always smiling...
Ready for the zoo...
Retro-ing it!
After surgery, receiving blood transfusion.
Ben's glow.
Ben and Eli at a recent St. Jude photo shoot.
Eli on the playground at Target House.
Last day at Cincinatti Children's Hospital.
Dr. Eli practicing his skills.
Hanna, Eli and Ben at the zoo.
Ben, July 2003
Ben and mommy. Smile says it all.