Our Friends Have a Story Too.


The links below connect you with some of our new friends here at St. Jude.  They share with us in the joys and heartbreaks of this journey.  They too have a story - please take a minute from time to time to visit their site and sign in a word of encouragement.  We will let you know if there is a particuliar issue that needs attention and prayer.



Hanna and her parents are dear friends.  Eli loves to play with Hanna - she is so much fun!  She has been at St. Jude since early 2002 fighting a difficult brain tumor.  She and her mommy took time to meet us our first day at St. Jude - a scary time for us.  Something we will not forget. Hanna went to be with Jesus on August 9, 2004 - Please continue to support her family.



Hanna and her mommy, Tammy recently on a visit with us to the zoo.
Taylor celebrates big number 2 !


Taylor and her family are new St. Jude friends that are from our home state (WV).  Taylor is fighting the same cancer that Ben is - ATRT.  Taylor has a sweet personality, always has a bashful smile when Tom plays with her.



Easton and his family are a blast to be around!  They are a particuliar encouragement to us...  great people.  Easton and Ben were born the same day...  November 14...  "twins".  He is battling a difficult brain tumor and, like Ben, has a long road ahead.

Easton... one handsome guy!
Sweet Louie, indeed!


Louie and his family are among our dearest friends at St. Jude.  He too had his initial surgery at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.  Louie has a brain tumor and will be on the same treatment protocol as Ben.  We have really enjoyed getting to know Louie and his family - and look forward to our new friendship!



Jonathan and his family are also friends that live in Target House.  Jonathan is always a joy to be around!  His dad is a firefighter from Tennessee - and talks shop with Tom.  Jonathan has Hurlers Syndrome, a very rare genetic disease. 

Jonathan WITH hair!
Matt - Isn't he handsome?


Matt and his family are good friends from Mississippi.  They have been an encouragement to us - great people of faith!  They shared the prayer song "He's My Son" that is posted on our website.  Matt is fighting Leukemia and faces a challenging treatment protocol.



Alethea and her family are a great encouragement to us.  They love each other, love the Lord and love others.  Great example to those they encounter.  We met them at a Target House event and immediately hit it off!  Alethea's grandma is the one who reminded us to BELIEVE!

Alethea - What a cutie!
Sweet little Karley!


Karley is a 19 month old girl from Maine diagnosed with the same tumor as Ben.  We had an opportunity to speak with her mommy shortly after diagnosis and were impressed with her love and commitment to Karley.  They have an older son who is 3 years old (like Eli).  We look forward to getting to know this family.  Karley went to be with Jesus on June 8, 2004.



Carson and his twin brother, Cameron are always a joy to be around.  We have really enjoyed getting to know this family - whether it be on the playground or in the waiting room!  Please remember to pray for Cameron - it is hard for him to understand what is happening to his best buddy - his brother.

Our Lil' Superhero!


Aaron, his brothers and mommy are among the bravest we have met here at St. Jude.  Always encouraging others - even when faced with challenging circumstances.  Aaron is affectionately know as "Our Lil' Superhero" - and indeed he is! 



McKinley is another West Virginian that recently completed her stay at St. Jude.  They have become dear friends that we miss seeing here at the hospital.  We can't wait to see them again when we are home!

Sweet Little McKinley
Alex... On the Move!


Alex is always keeping his mommy and daddy hopping... a bundle of energy!  His sister, Gabby, is one of Eli's favorite friends to play with.  We enjoy the friendship we have with Alex's parents and look forward to continued good news with Alex!



"Little" Ben as we know him and his family are wonderful friends.  Their faith throughout this journey is evident.  Recently, they learned that there is nothing else the doctors can do for Ben, so they have returned home - looking for a miracle.  Please rally around them during this time.  We miss you Ben!

Little Ben


Friends from Ohio (near our home) that face a very challenging future.  Trina, his mom, is a single parent who met Jophie through foster care.  Her faith in God and commitment to her son is inspiring.  Please pray for them.